Videohive has stopped (Part 1)

good advice Felt_Tips. … I imagine your Santa piece is ready for season round 2… Congrats on its success.

& good points Wayman… yes, there are many artistic & unique projects that require a great more work, & because of their specific market they will not sell many… It would be nice if they were considered and allowed to be priced at a higher rate. The purchaser will buy regardless, if it suits their needs.

I totally agree with most of what you said.

First, when I started selling After effects templates I wanted to make some unique projects and some new ideas but I was totally wrong. If you want to make money stick with the clean titles, corporate profile, parallax sliders, etc. or just make 57898 scenes in one template in order to gain more sales. One thing I can’t figure out is how items are featured… Sometimes I see some featured templates -with all my respect- don’t deserve to be featured. There is something wrong with the searching or the seo rules here.

Last think the new forums are awful and very difficult to follow I really miss the old one!

Although the first person to ever upload a parallax slider was making something unique with new ideas… so there’s always a need for people to come up with the next big thing. It’s risky-ish… but as the saying goes: never try, never know.


There will always be trends that get copied, usually there is one author who brings something new to the table and that happens to be a huge success. Other authors see this and copy it, sometimes even improve the original concept.

Right now this trend is parallax openers, before that it were simple titles, and a few years ago everyone was hanging blank picture frames in trees.

If I take a look at the sales of recently published parallax openers I don’t think it’s worth the time to create one. The next trend is just around the corner, a creative author just need to publish it.


I’m working on it!

May be waiting for a new country to be born to create it’s map with states, or a new planet to be discovered to create it’s animations? No offence, Just for fun :grinning:

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I just make those so I don’t have to think of new and exciting stuff! But phase four of my master-plan is rapidly approaching!

So, I’ve got a new ContentID claim on my video. One of my buyers wrote a comment - This is a recurring problem for authors and for buyers. But for Envato it still doesn’t matter anything. This is a strange policy of the company.

Hey, @stevepfx I also can’t get used to the new forum and missed your reply for some reason.
You say you wrote a couple of letters to YouTube, but where did you get the contacts?
I can’t find any contacts to address that kind of issues. Could you share the contacts, please?

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I also received one more complaint from one of my buyers recently. He says that this is not the first time he has to deal with the nasty false copyright claims issued by the Content ID system.

False claims keep coming, Envato keeps silence.

Hi AstroAE, I was trying to find the menu item through which I contacted Youtube. But I did not find it !!! They changed the design. Sorry.

Thanks for your reply anyway! I looked through Youtube many times and I can’t find a way to address that kind of issues :disappointed:

I hope they make the Youtube usage require an extended license asap.

That’s a bit harsh! Sales would plummet if everyone needs an extended license when making a Youtube video.

Agree with all that said @Wayman
Waiting for the second part!

That’s true. Thank you for your sharing!

Good read for beginners getting started with production.

I have an impression that the trend to increase the amount of templates rather than their quality has been chosen. The trend to attract new authors has also influenced the old ones and they have been simply forgotten. I am in touch with many of the old and so called “elite authors” of the Videohive from the different countries who share with me their ideas and plans for the future and I should tell you that they no longer see any prospects of investing their potential to the Videohive.

Absolutely I agree.
A section like Simple Video Maker is the knife on the back of the authors of videohive.

After opening this section, many videohive customers do not need authors.

Art needs people, not machine.