Videohive has stopped (Part 1)

Yes, I’ve noticed too that many of the top authors from 4+ years ago are no longer posting. I can no longer afford to do this myself. If I was comfortably retired this would beat making jigsaw puzzles… however I have rents to pay and mouths to feed and this feels like a sinking boat. A few are still doing well… but the majority need to ask the question “is this the best use of my time.”

I am a buyer.
Envato needs to be a bit altrustic in nature towards Authors.
I wouldn’t want a notice when I use audio from Audio Jungle or video from Video Hive.
The point of template is that Author owns the copyright but sells a sub-license to use it but not claim it.
The fact that Envato did not assist you when you approached is not at all heartwarming.
If I was stuck with a notice, I would seek help from Envato or the author.
I would probably get a refund and would politely be asked to mind my business thereafter, but what about the work I put around it?
This is serious.
I checked, Envato did not update their terms or bothered to give a proper response.