Video title ?

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Can someone please help me. I need to create a sort of title like the example in the picture below. I don’t know how to call this. Can someone give me some examples which I can purchase

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That’s called a ‘lower third’. Just head on over to VideoHive, pop lower third in the search box, and you’ll have hundreds to choose from. Keep in mind that for some of them, you’ll need After Effects to open and edit them. Others will just be video files with transparency that you can use in most editing programs. If you don’t have After Effects, then click in the ‘category’ search option at the side of the search results and select ‘motion graphics’.

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Tuts+ has a good tutorial by @shrutishekar on how to choose and use titles:

Although After Effects is great, you don’t need AE to make a good lower-thirds. Most NLEs (Tuts+ has courses on Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, Sony Vegas and HitFilm) have basic built-in lower-thirds features.