What are the best captions and lower thirds on VideoHive suitable for social media videos?

No matter how big or small your brand or budget is, there are some simple elements you can add to your videos that’ll help make your content look more professional, more engaging, and, most importantly, on brand.

In this video I take you through some tips and tricks to branding your videos. Plus, take a look at our article for our list of some of the best video graphics packages on VideoHive.


I like Social Media Video Graphics Pack by FluxVFX-templates. Huge collection. Many different styles. Looks good. It can be used by anyone

Tokyo Lower Thirds by PLANKY is the project with the strict design. It looks very good. It has universal style, so it can be used for any commercial corporate organization and firms

This item Lower Thirds by NLTB4540 can be used by people who like lower thirds & titles without lower thirds background. Just font and some graphic elements. Looks clean and fresh. I like this minimalist style. Looks good on the blurred background. Also can be used by any commercial corporate organization and firms


Nice choice @romlam, thanks for kicking things off! Don’t forget to add 2 more items to be eligible for the prize, we need 3 x item recommendations / nominations. Many thanks! :slight_smile:

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1 - Item name: Social Media Facts // Modern Slideshow
Author: yura_fresh

Modern, professionally animated graphics for social media. Text blocks look well organized & easy to read. Perfect for Youtube, Facebook & Twitter!

2 - Item name: Social Media Video Graphic Pack
Author: ouss

Rich collection of text overlays, lower thirds, logo openers & animated social icons! Very easy customisation. Video tutorial included. No extra plugins required.

3 - Item name: Social Media Video Graphics Pack
Author: FluxVFX-templates

Stylish, modern looking project, perfect for Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube & Instagram.
4K, HD, Vertical and Square versions included. With Social Media Video Graphics Pack you’ll create really engaging titles and captions for your social media videos!

  1. Social Media Bundle - MotionIdea

  2. Social Media Video Captions - Accountable-Videos

  3. Clean Minimal Lower Thirds - Artsignstudios (author myself)

These works speak more than me :wink:

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"Think about videos that users preview on Facebook with no sound forThink about videos that users preview on Facebook with no sound for "

What this guys/girls upload are videos with sound !!!

(We want you to post caption packs and lower third packs from VideoHive that are perfect for videos on social media. Think about videos that users preview on Facebook with no sound for example. What VideoHive items could be used to add descriptive text and information to those kind of videos?)

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a very handy pack of titles and lower thirds, to help you make your videos very attractive.

These are variety of lower thirds and titles with different animations and shapes elements.

FluxVFX has been always my source of inspiration, these social media captions are extremely useful i like them a lot.

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Hello folks,

  1. The first place in my list is occupied by this work:

“Blade Titles” from therealist

This titles package has awesome modern design and great animation tricks and that is very important, because this guy created new trend in titles animation on the envato market with his “Blade Titles”.

What about multi-purposes? I think this template really multi-purpose, because this contains elements from lower thirds to logo animation and quotes. I think this template will be perfect for bloggers.

This guy does crazy updates for this item, really huge updates. Item also meets all quality standard requirements and has 4K resolution.

  1. The second place is a new project that I found a couple days ago:

Tokyo Lower Thirds from PLANKY

This is lower thirds template and this item on the second place because it has awesome design. It really looks simple but fresh and modern. The animation in this project is not complicated, but people prefer simple minimalism.

Author says that his item have In & Out animation. So, if this template has marker control then it’s very useful and easy to edit, really.

As the first item, this item also meets all quality standard requirements.

  1. The third place is multi purpose text tool:

“Text Block Titles” form MotionRevolver

This item on the third place, because I think it’s a very useful template and really easy to customize. Look at this, you only need type your text and thats all. It’s cool and makes this item friendly to newcomers in after effects. Author says that this item doesn’t have keyframes, so this template has an expression controls, it makes customizing of this project very easy.

Of course this item also meets all quality standard requirements.

  1. The fourth place:

“Social Media Video Graphics Pack” from FluxVFX-templates

So why this template in this list? The answer is simple, this item has many prepared text animations & blocks with REALLY SIMPLE and MINIMALISTIC DESIGN. It looks so simple and clear for understanding, so thats why people like this template so much. I mean, that this text blocks looks like as minimalism which is clear for people understanding. Thats why this project perfect for social media.

And of course, this item meets all quality standard requirements: 4K resolution, expression controls and frienldly to newcomers in after effects.

  1. Fifth position:

“Youtube Promo Kit” form Pixrate

At first glance this is a good package for youtube channel. But if you look closely, it turns out that this is a useful project with many lower thirds and titles animations, logos, transitions and etc that the customers can use not only for youtube channel (but for YouTube channel this is really perfect template).

  1. The sixth place:

“Broadcast Cards Package” from Premiumilk

Author says that this is broadcast package. But it looks very beautiful as the lower third template. Let’s imagine the situation when customer needs lower thirds with text and pretty big media placeholders? And now look at this template. It looks pretty creative and fresh. Template also contains traditional lower thirds and media lower thirds, cool.

  1. The seventh place

“Social Lower Thirds” from AeMar

Just a simple and pretty nice social lower thirds template. It’s looks useful in cases when you need to show social media links.



wow…its great

And my favorites are:

  1. This look good to use in social media videos, this is simple and it got placeholder for social media icons.

And i will add 2 more latter after making a research :slight_smile:

Social Media Bundle

Flexibility and customization at its finest. Simple and clean, that’s what people need nowadays.

Social Lower Thirds

Very well made lower thirds. High quality and ready to go.

Social Media Bundle 2.0

If I could go back in time, I would buy this bundle again to make me feel that I’m​ buying something significant. Great bundle!

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Social Media Lower Thirds by sonderson.
Awesome and elegant design. Truly social media concept.

Corporate Lower Thirds 10 by HelgaGraf.
Perfectly crafted for corporate’s. Very clean design and smooth animation. Very different number of verities to choose from.

Sticker Lower Third by pollux2006

All-Rounder suited for anyone corporate’s,news,social media etc. Detailed design oriented, crafted with a vision for all. A package that comes handy. like a one stop solution.

1. News Broadcast Lowerthird Pack 3 by MondayMotion (Author Myself)

A modern and simple lower thirds for your project. Easy to use, just drop your text on them.
Just proud of my own item. :sunglasses:

2. 40 Modern Titles & Lower Thirds by MbrEffects

Modern, stylish and hipster lower thirds. There’re many choice for the lower thirds, all of them is very dynamic and awesome. :+1:

3. Lower Thirds by GerardGerard

Clean, simple, and modern design ! Easy to use and customized. I call this is “to the point lower thirds”, easy to read even in fast duration. :joy:

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Thank you so much for great words! Glad you like my work :blush:

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Thanks for your contributions everyone!

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