Video Editor on my website

Is anyone able to guide me how can I create a subpage for users on my own website with the option of editing videos / photos (simple elements)? So that users can later upload it to a server or email.
Please help if there is a plug, etc.

There won’t be any decent ones for this and besides you would need a serious hosting platform to be able to handle it

I understand, I thought it would be a problem for my hosting to cope with this function.
Do you know how else I can deal with it so that clients who have no experience could easily edit the videos / photos and then send them to me?
Thank you in advance for your help

without them having to register, not really.

It depends what you want them to be able to do and how complex it may get

I meant something like this: -> start video

You need to invest some serious money to get this function. As I believe, there’s no plugins but you can still check CodeCanyon, you may be lucky to find one