Very low sales, need help

Dear friends! What to do with this project, to increase sales

Does it make sense to add a few more options logo (maybe four) to get 7 options. It will better sales? Your opinion is important to me. The question for this project only. Please

Your description of the item can use a lot of work. You need to take some time and optimize your page. Think of your page as a sales person that greets everyone as they stop by. Right now, your page is a monotone old man that is not interesting to listen to. You can change that by adding some images/text to make the features stand out. If you look at the best selling item on codecanyon and compare their item page to yours you’ll see what I’m talking about :slight_smile:

EDIT: Forgot to mention that SEO plays a big part as well. Since there are so many items in the marketplace, you need to work on keywords and SEO that will get people searching to find your item.

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Dear friend!
Thank you for your advices. They are very important to me.
You say “keywords and SEO”. I describe the project is deployed. Or do you say about advertising my projects on third-party Internet resources?

You could set up a FB page and/or free blog to promote your creations. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube showing you how to do both. Good luck…

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