Using other agency releases for older footage/digital releases

Hey guys, I have one question that I couldn’t find an answer for. I’ve decided to upload my backlog to video hive and I got all the needed model releases but some are labeled “SS, IS…” etc, different agencies releases. I also have releases from the last four years of work that were created with Easy Release.

Could I use those model releases on Video Hive? And can I use Easy Release releases (software created releases accepted across the agencies, most of them, signed by hand)… ?


For questions like this it is best to contact support. You can open a new ticket here:

Thanks, just wrote to support. I did found, however, a possible answer, that you should use your own releases but just need to be sure that they cover a broad range of legal stuff and “here is our templates, download them and use those as a template”… So in other words I think it’s fine to use third party releases. Thanks again.

After you got a reply from support, post the answer to your question here. This helps people with the same question when they find this thread in the future.