Using Envato products for the 1st time - how?


I’m thinking of signing up to the annual subscription but wanted to know how easy it is to take video, logo stings etc from Envato and use in Final Cut Prox.

Things like changing colors or text etc…is it easy and intuitive ?


Hello :slight_smile:

Envato Elements is the monthly/annual subscription service, which is completely separate from the Envato Market. Currently, Elements does not have any videos, logo stings, or any video-type items included in the subscription.

You can see available items here:

For video items you can check out VideoHive:

Hope that clears it up for you.

Thanks I was in VideoHive and it comes under Evnato Elements. If I sub to EE then I’ll get video’s logo stings etc but how useable are the downloads with Final Cut Pro X ?

The plan is to include video content on Elements at some point this year, but as Bailey said… there is currently no video content at all on Envato Elements.