Users who aren't registered on AdRev, which Content ID are you going to choose (since AdRev doesn't let new AJ users register)?

As far as I know, AdRev doesn’t let new AJ users register, so any advices?

Does anyone recommend Muserk? Any alternatives?

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Have you tried registering with AdRev anyway? I’ve heard of AJ authors who were able to register recently. Though like you, I was under the impression they weren’t taking new RF applicants.

There used to be one elite authors who went with Audiam, but that’s about it.

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I got a rejection in the beginning of March:

Hi there,
Unfortunately, we cannot work with your library at this time. Please find another aggregator in the lists below. Thank you.

And my conclusion was that the reason of rejection was a very poor portfolio (5 items). So I was going to retry after I had something worth showing to them but I read on this forum that they didn’t take any new applicants. Btw, what do you mean by “RF applicants”?

I will retry, then. But not just yet, my portfolio is still poor… Meanwhile I’ll keep my eye on other similar companies.

No, that can’t be the reason, you can upload only one song.

Royalty-Free music authors

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True, but I assumed that that was some kind of criteria to decide whether they want to work with an author. I imagine they don’t work with each and every person who considers themselves an author however shitty their music is. So I thought that I failed that ‘test’ since I had only a few items on AJ. But maybe you’re right, I have no way of confirming.

Anyway, I will check out Audiam.

I joined Adrev in August this year.

BTW my earnings from Adrev are 0,28 $ right now :slight_smile: I’m selling a lot of tracks, but it looks like buyers use mainly the shortest versions… And Adrev can’t find matches shorter than 30 sec…

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The point is not to collect from buyers, but from non-buyers.

If you joined in August, that means you only had one report. That’s not enough data to draw conclusions yet.

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Actually I didn’t mean that I want to collect money from buyers. I just pointed that the people like to use short versions of my tracks at all. And I’ve made this conclusion basing on observation of my buyers = probably it works the same with those who steal it.

And yes, you are right that it’s not enough data for conclusions about amount of the earnings yet :slight_smile:

I’m out of the loop. Why wont Adrev allow new AJ authors?

There has been no detailed explanation. But from the bits of information I gathered, it’s due to a policy put in place by Youtube about a year ago (not sure when actually) that applies to royalty-free music. Supposedly, AdRev now has to manually check fingerprint matches before action the claim. This is so time consuming that they can’t accept newcomers. This theory has loopholes and does not explain it all, but it’s all I got.

HI. I got a rejection two months ago, and I was approved yesterday with a new application.
What’s changed in this two months…?
I have a personal website now, and I’ve been more specific with bio description and other question in the form.
I hope my experience can be helpful.


Very interesting! I really doubt your bio had anything to do with your being approved though. Did you say you were selling RF music? Maybe the no-more RF author policy has been dropped. If so, this is great news.

Profile added:
Audiojungle/Pond5 (for commercial music)
Personal site/soundcloud/itunes for soundtracks.

After approval, I sent a mail to ask to remove me from youtube Audioswap program becouse I’m audiojungle exlusive author, and they approved also this request.

Thanks. Do you remember whether you used the same account that you used 2 months ago?

I’m going to retry later but I want to know whether I can use the same account, which is inactive. So I’d have to contact them via mail at first to activate my account.

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First account is inactive because of rejection.
You need to resubmit with a new account.

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I tried two notes, then I tried 3 and then I tried 4 and so on… all wrong!!!.. This is harder then to get to the top 10 of country!! :wink: So, good luck!! LOL

I’m too drunk, as always!!!

Thanks to you dude!!! :wink:

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Hey @RedOctopus when you say your earnings from Adrev what do you mean? Your share from the ads? I’m new to all this and trying to understand. Thank you

It’s a share from ads. Now I have 30-50$ per month from AdRev but unfortunately AdRev do not scan the youtube for my logos, short versions and most of my percussive tracks (internal adrev rules) so earnings could have been MUCH bigger.

Hi @RedOctopus! I see! Yes I read the rules a bit I will revise again! Thank you again for your reply!