Users beware : HAAWK - Identifyy (Started to suspending account for no reasons)

I have free account and about 40 tracks uploaded; result is two detections in several years, both of wich are obviously false (you can listen to the audio fragment where the system has detected your music, both have nothing in common with my tracks and are of ultra-low bitrate). Also, from what I’ve heard, not all PRO accept Tunesat (or other alike services) reports as a reason take any action. But many other people are using it and are very happy with it. So you can try a free account and see how it will work for you.

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I actually know about TuneSat, but i don’t know they can actually monetize youtube or not because their main focus was TV channel

Use a free account. I have maaaany detections and it helped me tracking royalties and getting huge compensations for the misuses.

They do not monetize yt.