Users beware : HAAWK - Identifyy (Started to suspending account for no reasons)

Sorry to say about unrelated topic, but i want to let you know if Identifyy started to suspending my account for no reasons, i’m already contacted them but nothing answer, here’s a proof about this before and after suspended

User who already registered should beware for this scenario. I checked all reviews and many are negative reviews. Did anyone experienced this so far?

If you already got suspended and curious how that’s worked. My team are make the presentation and action agaisnt HAAWK and Identifyy.

Thank you for the attention
Hanamura Rione
Music creator & publisher of SPL Global Publishing

I Don’t understand exactly what you mean with your post?

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@CWMusic little explaining : we registered a audio from them, but after 3 years they suspended our account and we lost all of the royalty. They stealed our song and royalty, check the reviews in BBB and Trustpilot. Some customer also complaints about them, HAAWK and Identifyy are maliciously suspending my account, and nothing response. We submitted the complaints about the account, they ignored us. The Youtube presentation are including how that’s worked and how they suspended our account for no reasons, even the red flags and complaints.

In the first message, they offer to follow the link to leave your account. What’s the link? Did you break something? They just don’t block.They found violations just on your part…I tell you this as a lawyer.

No, they not saying that to us. The first message are say (you need to verify the account or your account will be terminated). We are not requesting it to leave. NOT Requesting it

They say if you need the ID verification. We gave them the required items. They noting mention any tracks

They are not clearly says what tracks are going wrong. They just only say (Our team are need your government issued ID) we opened, signed in then gave them a required information, and poof, they banned our account.

We contacted them for 5 times. NO VIOLATION AT ALL, we are not breaking the rules, no copyright takedowns, anything. They are just ignore after we sending them Verification ID, then suspended our account.

2/2 the link is for the ID Verification. After login. They will start the Jumio ID Verification (government issued ID + face selfie) then back to dashboard. 14 days later boom, banned.

Could it be, that the first email was a phishing email? Can you check the header of this email from which account it was sent?

No, this is LEGIT email from Identifyy which they inputted [support(at)identifyy(dot)com]

If you signed up, you may can see their email also [no-reply(at)identifyy(dot)com]

This is not, what I meant. Analyze it on your desktop client, not on your mobile phone. If you own Outlook, open the message separately and goto file | properties. Then a dialog appears and then verify the red marked content, if it was sent truly from identifyy.Email header

Well, i’m sent a full data for that including inside message, links and also who is from

In my opinion it looks suspicious.
The Return-Path is somewhat with

I am not good in tracing of emails, but if I do an nslookup for the X-Originating-IP, I get the following result:
Address: fd00::cece:1eff:fe56:348e


which is strange for a service provider like identifyy.
Also, as I know, identifyy is using intercom. I was checking an email, which I have received from identifyy and the header in my email was showing the following:
Authentication-Results: spf=pass (sender IP is;;

So I would ask about these differences. For me it looks like an successful phishing. they got your username and PW, changed everything in your account. Maybe they got caught or something like that and identifyy was suspending your account because of security violations.

But as I said, I am not an IT security specialist. Maybe we have some members here, with a bit more knowledge about it.

But for registration and automatic reply, they using this. Did you previously signed up and recieve their email verification for the email (which common on other website)? they should on no-reply one.

Intercom only used for live chat support. But this no-reply are don’t using intercom

By the way, that’s a Identifyy intercom email below. And this is just before my account suspended

The email and adam sent are in the same time also.

Yes, you’re right, I found the registration email, checked the header and found the mandrillapp service.
My fault, I’m sorry.

It’s okay, you tried the best

But you should beware if using it. And also look out for the email about this
(Both them are sent on 2021/08/06 before my account being suspended)

Well I hope you get it fixed. What is strange to me is that there is a spelling mistake in the no-reply e-mail. Could be innocent but it seems fishy.

Just let you know. I contacted both of them and nothing response, i’m not break any violation. No takedowns

This problem will be NEVER resolved. They totally ignored my email. Decided to move other alternatives

Maybe it’s a stupid question, but are you the creator or the legitimate rights owner to the music you’ve submitted to Identifyy?

Yes, we are actually the owner. No resampling, no third party sfx and samples, and no free sample from build in DAW. And also no stealing it from other sources or public domain

I am sorry to hear that. I just started using Identifyy… Can I ask what is your profile on AJ?