Use of Leggings Mockups on site and Social - Licence confusion


I am having a problem with the licence for mockups:

It says: “Use in a single end product, use in a single end product =1”

I want a commercial licence for one website.

The mockups I have chosen are for leggings with multiple model shots

In reading the licence I am confused, does it mean:

  1. use as many times as you like on one website/and corresponding social media account.

  2. use one model per leggings pattern design (in other words there are 4 shots of a girl in leggings - I can only showcase 4 leggings designs)

3 only use one pattern design on all of the models. (in other words use one pattern on all the leggings)

Happy to tag the creator in IG etc… but I don’t want to be scared that I am breaking the terms of the licence.

The end product would be your website. So the license is good to use as often as you need in the website. If you were to create another website, or use it in some other sort of end product, then you would need another license.

Hi thanks, so is it ok to assume all social media posted to do with the website is ok too, right? It is impossible to control customers reposting images from the site, and in my case I would like to use the images to promote the content on the site and on social media. I hope this is ok?