usage of same purchased theme in two wordpress sites

Dear Sirs, i am interested to one your wordpress themes. In particular, to HolyCross Church WP theme. My question is: am i able to load this theme, after its purchase, at the same time to my 2 wordpress 4.7.6 sites (production and test) operating, obviously, on 2 different wordpress providers? I don’t want buy 2 times the same theme, 1 for production and 1 for test site. Thanks in advance.

No you can’t - you would have to upload it to a test space then entirely remove this copy/site/installation before uploading it to the live version

Hi, my problem is that the 2 work phases (production and test) go at the same time, more or less. I should view on test wordpress web site the effect of updates, then make them on production site. Is there a circumvention in order to carry it in an accettable way? Or, in alternative, how can i do? For example, trying to find a free similar wordpress template and put it on test site?
Thanks in advance

It’s one purchase per installation and use so either you use a free theme from elsewhere, or buy a second license, or follow the standard route.

Aside from the fundamental license rules, you are likely to run into activation issues if you try to get around it.