Usage of Google Fonts - included in downloads - reason for soft rejection?

I would like to know what do you ( and hopefully some of the Envato staff ) think about the usage of the Google fonts distributed under OFL (Sil Open Font Licence)? I wanted to try to upgrade experience for my buyers and to spare them some time, so I included font files in my main ZIP, which is the thing that is allowed under OFL:

( “The OFL allows the licensed fonts to be used, studied, modified and redistributed freely as long as they are not sold by themselves.” )

But somehow reviewer declined my design and explained to me that I need to delete those font files and to provide link to them in my Help file. I btw included OFL licence file and pointed that out to reviewers during upload process.

Any logical explanation for this? Am I wrong somehow?

I still can not find what rule is violated with this practice? I mean if I buy a licence for the photo for example, that allows distribution, I would be able to include it in main file… Right?

:slight_smile: This one, from here:

Hi hevada and thank you for your answer. But I am providing font files together with the main file. What would happen if I am using my own font that I am giving away with print template? I would need to upload it somewhere and then to provide a link for download, or I would be able to include font file in download?

I’m not sure :slight_smile: But you can ask the Envato Help&Support team about this specific question: Envato Help and Support

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