Usage of 3d assets in games. then streaming the game?

Hello, sorry I have been reading about your licenses for a few weeks and I haven’t been able to be quite clear on the copyright before I subscribe. I plan to make a game, and I want to stream that game on youtube and Twitch. I would like to know if this is okay or if there will be any issues. The assets I will be using are mostly 3d objects, graphic designs, and maybe music/audio and sound effects. Please let me know, Thank you. (A game on Roblox)

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From the marketplaces:

  • If for re-sale, you will need “Extended license: EL” for the items that you’re interested in to purchase.
  • If the item doesn’t come with EL, you will need to find another item. You can’t use it/them

If you’re just going to use the items on the game ( not going to offer a service or sell ) you can use “Regular License”

For Elements, you cannot sell/re-sale the end-product ( game ) by using the items from the Elements.
You can use it end-products but you may need to provide few details to YouTube ( for video/audio )

Read please the help or something.