Urgently need help in looking for a Beauty/Nail salon CRM open source system.

I am looking for a CRM system for businesses that mainly sell their services/products in a form of packages like nail salons.

The key function of the system is to be able to create custom packages with itemized services & products including the number of times and also the pricing of the packages. (For example Basic package includes 10 x nail polish etc.)

After a package is chosen : Admin should also be able to edit the itemized services in the package or change the pricing of package after selecting the package because some client might want to change some things within the package and may require them to pay more thus change in price. Also need a additional note function, for recording important information.

And also able to deduct the count from the package once the client utilize the services in their package. (For example client uses 1 x nail polish today, admin should be able to -1 count from the package thus left with 9 x nail polish in database. And at any point of time, admin should be able to view what packages the customer own and how much services are left in the packages that are not utilized.)

It will be good if the CRM system can print invoices out as well but not important.