CRM or ticketing system with specific needs

I’m trying to find some sort of CRM which has ticketing system and has option to accept subscriptions from both Stripe and PayPal.

So far I could find partial solutions… It doesn’t have to be Codecanyon script, it can be may other product.

I need to provide ticket support to paying customers who have active monthly subscription and it would be the best to limit access if subscription is expired. That’s the main feature that I’m looking for.



Hope you are fine. I can help you out with my custom coding skills set and expertise. If you want to have this system in php (codeignitor or larvel) or any other coding language i can help you out.

It’s definitely not going to be an out of the box solution. So you will have to hire any professional for your project.

I have been offering my services and solutions at envato and also at studio for more than 5 years so at your project i do have the potential and skills set to deliver excellent results.

I will custom code it from scratch and it will be entitled to you. You will have all the rights and access to complete source code .

Drop me an email so we can get started

Looking forward to your prompt response / quality feedback.

Hey there I am currently building a system that has part of your needs…

Sourcecode Pro