Upload 2 themes have the same design



I wonder that is it possible if I upload 2 themes have the same design? The one theme supports woocommerce plugin and the remaining theme doesn’t support the plugin as the author has done:


Do you own the designs And/or original theme or just asking if you can create a new version of one already for sale by another author and add Woo Commerce?


I own the design and I have already theme sale on the market but don’t have support woocommerce plugin.
I want to create a new theme has same design and support woocommerce, change the home page layout then upload it.
Is it possible?


Not really. There was a phase of people trying to release “lite” and other versions of themes and it didn’t work, not to mention probably caused authors more stress with confused buyers than good.

Bottom line you would need to make is significantly different or more to it - adding a commerce plugin won’t be enough.

You would be better off adding it to the original version and extending that.