Please, some standards here!

I got my first soft reject because of non generic name for theme, and I am ok with that - it was my mistake.

BUT, now on home page, you have a WP theme from author which already have a theme with SAME name, and that is not at all - the theme is 99% the same as the old one!

A lot of other authors are trying to create a new, fresh, unique designs, not to be the same like other themes and you now have the same theme, from same author, with same name.

Please, some standards here!

Some authors release the exact same themes with/without WooCommerce support. It’s currently accepted on the marketplaces, however I can’t say it’s reasonable :slight_smile:

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@Luca you mean if theme published and without woocommerce any one can re-published with woocommerce and get approved from reviewers ???

Only you can re-publish the “new” theme with WooCommerce.

This is new for me, I did not know that is “allowed” to have the same theme with and without WooCommerce.

I have seen themes approved this way, yes. It was possible earlier, probably is now but I can’t tell if it will be :slight_smile: