Update to Avada 7.3.1

Hi !!! :wink:

I have updated my theme avada to 7.3.1.
My hosting has both english and spanish version website.
Both websites are using Avada in two different wordpress.

I have used the Item Purchase Code to register the spanish version, but then I can not use it to english version.

Why?? Could somebody help me?
Thankssss :slight_smile:


Single license for single website/domain not for multiple website/domain.
you have to collect two license for two domain or two website.
Avada theme does not exist on envato elements.

hope you understand.

Actually it is the same website (english/spanish)

So Should I pay again the theme avada? Just the license?
It is not logical, I have linked both website through a plugin and google can recognize it.

I saw that you have two domain you have get another license cause each single license for each domain.
hope you understand.