Unlimited downloads plans

Hello, I need to buy some wordpress themes and designs from envato, so is the unlimited downloads plans allows me to download from different envato markets? like wordpress themes, music, sound effects and graphic templates… etc?

Unlimited downloads apply to Envato Elements not Envato Marketplace. Both Envato Elements and Marketplace offer themes, music, graphic templates etc, but not all items you see on Envato Marketplace would be available on Envato Elements for unlimited downloads.

You also do not get the same support and access to updates with Elements downloads as you do with themes downloaded form Themeforest.

How do I know that I can find the item I need included in the unlimited downloads plan?

You just have to search Envato Elements to see if it is there WordPress Themes, Plugins And Elementor Template Kits - Envato Elements

I see, thank you so much!

scamers !

why you make this banner on all of your markets and said its all in one .
i get scamed but i will share this review on all the appropriate websites trustpilot…

To be honest, they should make it clear, that’s why I asked first before paying, it’s kinda tricky

Its scam i guess there are hundreds of hidden victims but sharing this situation is enough to revenge

  • i will contact paypal for this scam operation

So I searched on the items I need on Envato Elements and I found non of them, the Get Unlimited Downloads button shouldn’t be all over the related websites of Envato because some people will buy and then not find the items they need. This is wrong