The Retailer

I want to purchase your unlimited version.
Is the theam Retailer included in this?

Are you referring to Envato Element? If so, please, check the this link if it’s part of the agreement

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Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

@ki-themes replied well if you want to unlimited then go to Envato Element here link


there’s so much
I got lost there

Hi @yafitmogi

May be your are targeting this not themeforest

If yes please check details there before purchasing your subscription.

If you have any query you can contact Elements Support


Retailer is a category there is lot of theme you will see.
can you tell us exactly which theme you want ?

Sorry for the confusion

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take a look on this item

hope it will helpful for you

Unfortunately, no.
So basically you say that the theam I mentioned does not belong to envato?


This your item at Envato

hope you get your item now!

It is available on Envato Themeforest here :

But it doesn’t seem to be available in Elements.

Hope it helps!

Yes. I saw that
I ask if I am purchasing the unlimited version
Is this included in the download package?
Sorry for all the questions …

Do u know how can i know for sure?

Your received everything in this theme package.
with life-time free updates.
6 month support

It should come up when you search “the hanger” if it were included in Elements. Since it doesn’t, it’s most likely not part of Elements.

i dont mean the theam i mean this unlimited of envato…
see the pic…

Unlimited download is in envato element here is

I do not think you understood my question …
tnx anyway

Too bad. Thank you!

your picture said that is Envato element
DO you think if you purchase The Hanger you can unlimited download ?