Unable to access Envato

Hi, I don’t know if anyone else is getting this problem, but for almost two weeks I have been unable to access Envato and get the message below across laptop, ipad and mobile. It states “We’re sorry.
Envato Elements is temporarily unavailable. We’re working on getting it fixed.
Check our status page for more information”

It says there are issues with Envato in Malaysia, however I am in the UK.

I couldn’t find a contact email to ask for help, so have come here instead. Hope someone can help.

Kind regards,

Ditto. In the US and my team has said they’ve had issues the last few weeks and cannot access this morning.

It’s very frustrating as I have a client breathing down my neck. I’m paying for this service, however not able to access anything! If I find a theme to download, it takes me to the same page as the image above. Ive tried in Brave browser, Chrome, Incognito…allsorts!

on desktop

I got an error…“Something went wrong” in Firefox.

Jumped over to Chrome. It made me verify I wasn’t a robot…which I’m pretty sure I’m not…and I was able to log-in.

Jumped over to Firefox and I was already logged in.

I use several accounts on this computer as some clients ask me to track projects using their information. That may cause issues. If I log-in on Chrome with client A, but try to log-in in Firefox with client B, I get an error. Log out on all browsers…try again.

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