Typeface as end Product, wich licence to use ?

I want to make an animated typeface from i font i bought. in the Standard license i bought it said :
Use This Font For:
Commercial Use
Unlimited Number of Projects
Unlimited End Products For Sale

Does that mean, i can make an animated version out of it ? i also sent an email to the author but i want to know if it’s ok to do it without getting to remove it later or give a percentage to any third party !

Please Advice

I’m going to say no on that one… but double check with support. The ‘end products for sale’ allowance usually means that the item can be incorporated into a larger project, not that the item itself is the main focus of the product. Also, I believe you’re not allowed to create a product where the original item is able to be extracted from the product.

I appreciate that nobody will be able to extract the actual font file from an animated typeface… but they would be able to extract and use the letters themselves, which are exactly the same as what somebody could do if they bought the font files in the first place… even if it would be extremely inconvenient to go arranging all the letters rather than just typing them.

So yeah, I’m not 100% sure as it’s a bit of a grey area… but I’m pretty sure! See what support say.

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Thank you for your answer, i got a YES from the Font author. So i think it’s OK