Trouble with WPBakery & Osmosis

Hi there,

I recently assembled a new website by basically copying my old one I setup with Osmosis theme using the WPBakery website builder. Now I experience a unique issue I haven’t been able to solve for two weeks and it really bugs me. I’ll try to describe the issue as detailed as possible:

Using the WPBakery Page Builder, I include a 2-column part for the contact form (Gravity Forms). In the background of the row I put a background image with paralax effect. This perfectly works on my other website and also is shown as long as I’m logged into the backend account, but won’t show on other browsers, devices etc.

Troubleshooting: I tried deleting the cache. I tried deleting the background picture and re-upload it. I tried waiting (obviously). Nothing worked.

Does someone have a clue what’s wrong here? If required, I can also post the URLs.

Cheers, Kai


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!