Tried several times to checkout with credit card. Failed all attemps and now i neither have the option

As the tittle says. I used the billing information and credit card of my client. Don’t know if i have a problem with the credit card (i think not because i used them before). I can’t checkout and now i neither have the option to pay with credit card. My client not have Paypal account and the project need to resolve as soon as possible, i sent a ticket to envato asap, two hours waiting and no response (that seems so poor support from a site like this) I don’t know what to do now. Hope someone can help me. Thanks in advice.

In that pic you can see that i lost the billing with credit card option:


Would you be able to open a Help Ticket here? -

The Help Team will be happy to see what the issue might be.


Already sent a ticket, there is the automated reply that i received. Could you do something to take my case faster ? Thanks again.


I’ll see what I can do to hurry it along :smiley:

Thanks so much! i’ve waited an hour ago and no response.

Sorry for insisting but waited along two hours for an answer for the ticket and nothing. “Finish your projects faster with envato” ? That not seems fast. I lost a half day of work for this trouble. I just want to pay and take my theme.


A reply was sent your way soon after my reply. Unfortunately, it seems the problem occurred at payment processing stage, and you have not been charged. While it’s certainly not ideal, particularly when you’re trying to meet a deadline, payment gateway issues are out of our control. Please follow the instructions provided by our Customer Success team, to help troubleshoot the problem.