Transferring a theme with license to another domain that I own

I have two websites that I own. Can I uninstall my theme from one and re-install it on the other site keeping the same license key?
Reason for the move is the theme features are much more suited to my photography site rather than my blog site.
Common sense tells me this shouldn’t be a problem however I can’t seem to find that specific guidance or maybe I’m just not reading it right.


You would need to purchase another license since your other website would be considered a separate project and you need a license for each project.


Thank you for the reply.

My other website is a separate project, but the theme would only be being used on that single project, not on two projects.
So even though I’ve paid for the license and it would still only be being used on one site or project, which is also mine, I would still need to buy it again?

I’m not sure how it would be considered the same project. It’s a different website right? Is it for the same business?

I am a photographer with a photography site and I also operate a photography blog. The two promote the same thing, my photography but in very different ways.
The blog is more informal and humoured photo stories.

The photographer’s site is to showcase the professional portfolio.

So you see I answer yes that they are both the same business, that of promoting my photography.
Both sites even share the same hosting package on SiteGround.
There is no third party involved.
Could this help then in allowing the license to be transferred?

You may want to open up a ticket with our license experts in this case. You can do that at Envato Help and Support.


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You could always contact the theme author. My licensing terms allow this i.e. you can deactivate from site A and activate on site B. Have you tried that?

Basically I only check if at all times the same license is activate on one single site which seems to be your case.

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Thanks KingDog for the replies.

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Thanks Typps