Third Party Service Providers

Hello, I’m looking for a service provider theme for WordPress for many service providers that allow quoting through the site. Customers must be able to make their request there. The customer must be able to confirm that the job is complete through the site.

Messages between customer and service provider should be able to be sent through the site.

The theme will surely need woo-commerce and marketplace to run well. I would like to make it so I can take a commission (10%) from the service provider after he/she provides a service to a homeowner after the job is complete “ie: plumbing/cleaning/ painting…

Does exist a theme that could correspond to my request?


You won’t find that level of complexity out of the box and to be honest trying to compile something even using decent plugins is an invitation for headaches.

You be much better off having something custom built for purpose (obviously requiring sensible budget).

You also need to think about the hosting and security that you will need which will not be cheap

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For the hosting, is not problem, I have a VPS hosting and security.

Yes, it’s hard to find a theme with all the requests I need, and it’s a headache, but it is possible. Is there a theme with some requests? I would develop what I will miss.