Themeforest themes and templates

Good day to all
On one site I saw that when you add your product (for example, a WordPress theme), a button appears at the top with which you can change the size (Desktop, tablet, mobile) to immediately see the site at different resolutions. Is there such a thing on themеforest?

It’s just a iframe with resizing the windows. There’re free extensions for the browsers

You can basically check it while resizing the browser from the corner ( you don’t need an addition software )

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Do you just want to test a theme’s live demo to see how it looks responsively? If so you can use your browser’s developer tools. For Chrome you can right click then choose “Inspect” and at the top right of the toolbar that opens you’ll see a phone/tablet icon. Click on it to view a mobile version of the website you’re looking at - there are various preset sizes you can use to preview.

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Hello! Thanks for your answer. I am a web programmer and know this, I want to know there is such an opportunity on themeforest in the form of a top panel

Oh I see - would be a cool feature if Envato added it to the default iframe.