Help please about my wordpress template

Hello everyone

my item had a soft rejected and from all points that reviewer he told me there is this point :

  • Mobile styling needs attention/improvement in some areas. Please check/test your pages carefully and resolve all issues.

i tested my template with Resizer on firefox and on my mobile huawei P9 and the theme executed properly without issues !!

i don’t know where is the problem !! can you please tell me with which tool reviewer make the test of mobile pages ???

You need to share your demo link if you want some feedback.

my need is not to explain error !!
my need is the tool with it, the reviewer test the mobile pages and that doesn’t need to see demo link !!!

by the way this is my link demo :

I don’t know which tool they are using, I am using this:

And if you take a look here:

  1. Your 3rd slider in header is not good looking - text
  2. Buttons in header slider are too small
  3. You menu button in header has a lot “margin bottom”
  4. OUR SERVICES - is not center

and many more, you will see yourself.

Thank you CocoBasic for your reply and your explanation

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