I have theme forest oshin and cannot find a shared web host who can meet the server requirements, therefore I cannot install my theme nor indeed start mywebsite:

Server Requirements are very critical in order to seamlessly upload the theme and import the demo data. Below are the list of configuration parameters that should be verified before installing the theme.
•max_execution_time = 300 (900 if you are using GoDaddy)
•max_input_time = 120
•memory_limit = 128M
•post_max_size = 15M
•upload_max_filesize = 15M
I am in the UK, and have tried international web hosters, who can host this theme and meet all of the above server requirements?

You can always upload it via FTP if post_max_size is set on default 2M … or You can buy better hosting plan or contact with hosting company.

You can purchase the Installation Service from studio or pay the same fee via PayPal then I can install it for you in few hours.

Direct contact :

Hi, how much would this cost? Also I only have a free web host at the moment - I’ve been looking for host packages that support these server requirements, all I’ve found so far are cps packages, but these are too expensive for my needs. I’m really stuck and baffled at the moment!

I thought you had already paid hosting and you couldn’t install it. If you’re using free ones, it may be not possible at all.
Still want to hire for installation job? Contact me via the link below:

Ive been trying to upgrade or buy a package to support the server requirements but can’t find a host which supports it . This seems to be a problem - I wanted to find out what other people might use

Send me an email via the link above and let’s discuss it.

If you willing to pay for installation services, first step let’s try change hosting provider, then go to the theme author try get help from them with the installation for demo data from preview in your website with new hosting provider.

If you still have issue with hosting provider, try contact to hosting supporter and get help from them again. It is very inconvenience, but it will help you know a lot of thing and save some money for you.

Although, I provide installation services for wordpress theme too. But the first thing I suggested for my clients always try get help from theme author if you just need the demo data in your website.


I can provide you the hosting as well as theme installation for you please contact me via skype or profile message for price.

Skype: themedune

Hi, thanks, I am trying to change hosting provider, and have contacted quite a few, but they are saying their shared host packages don’t meet the requirements. Say I might need a vps package which is too expensive for my needs. It’s really frustrating. I wondered if anyone else had this theme and what they used.

Ok thanks I will contact you later on when I have more time, Thanks

I had using reseller package from site5, with my position: wordpress theme supporter in 2 years, I don’t have meet any restriction from site5. Try with one month for free from site5 and make your own decision.

Sorry, how do I profile message you? Thanks

Ok I will take a look at Site 5 thanks

No problem, if you need any help for installation services, contact with me via email: I’m happy to help you sort this problem out soon.