Theme Installation fails because of missing stylesheet

i just bought the theme “Panorama Home - Real Estate 360° Virtual Tour | Adobe Muse Template”.
unfortunately i realized just in that second, that it probably doesn’t workes on a wordpress site?

uploading and installing it on the theme site of wordpress doesn’t workes and if i uploaded the theme directly into to webspaceExplorer of my 1&1 website, i get an error message telling me, that a stylesheet is missing.

so my question, is there a possability to install that theme onto my wordpress site?
that you for your answer,
regards Julia

If it’s a Muse template then it will never work on WordPress.

You can only install WordPress themes there.

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Thank you for the reply!! that’s what i thought.

I’ll try to contact the autor, maybe i can give the theme back.

Ooops , it seems I missed that. :slight_smile: