Theme has changed

Hi guys,

I bought a theme a few months ago which was installed a day after, then i had to uninstall it for some reasons. Now I am trying to upload it again, but it doesn’t show the theme I bought.

What could be the reason?


Themes don’t like like a demo until you configure settings and install demo content

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thanks @charlie4282

I am not sure what do you mean? Can you explain it bit more?


please can you tell what you mean by it doesn’t show the theme. where the theme is not showing? we will try to assist you.


I mean theme was ok when I uploaded first time, i had to uninstall for some reason, then I uploaded again with the same domain, it was different.

I am attaching before and after screenshots



This looks like our point earlier.

A theme is just styling/look/feel. the content itself needs to exist to appear.

Either you can add your own content e.g. copy/form etc. OR if you want it like the demo then check the documentation which will explain how to install the demo copy that you see in the demo (most likely excluding and images).

The process will wither be via theme options or installing a XML file