Theme check errors



Hello, I’m testing with theme check plugin my theme and I have the following questions

Warning: More than one text-domain is being used in this theme. This means the theme will not
be compatible with language packs.
The domains found are lingua, tgmpa
REQUIRED: Could not find wp_link_pages. See: wp_link_pages <?php wp_link_pages( $args ); ?>REQUIRED: Zip file found. Plugins are not allowed in themes. The zip file found was

I also have some INFO for using iframe (youtube embed )and including some php files with include.

As far as I know include is an exception and it can be used as long as it isn’t for template, but what to do with the other ones ?

  1. tgmpa is the plugin used to automatically incorporate plugins… so yes I have 2 domain names… is this a problem ?
  2. Why I should use wp_link_pages ? I’m using paginate_links instead. Is mandatory to use wp_link_pages ?
  3. I’m putting there the plugin zip files so that is automatically installed, why is this a problem ?

  1. I had this warning on my latest theme, but got accepted.
  2. You should use wp_link_pages() for paginating a single post.
  3. It would be okay.