The Wordpress Importer and review requirements

One of the main things coming up in the review is the wordpress importer that many of us our using in our themes for the demo installs. But it’s filled with things that fail the review process

  • Things are not escaped
  • Uses fopen
  • Uses get_file_contents

I have been making changes to the file but it does create a maintenance issue when changing a 3rd part script. Is the solution to maintain a themeforest version of this script on github - or is there an alternative any one can recommend?

How many of you don’t have a demo importer? Is that working in terms of support requests?

Good question. I’m also looking for answers.

I have a md file of notes on the review process I’m going to start a gitbook.

Solution is to remove the fallback method and refer users to the plugin if they don’t have a xml parser installed.

Thanks man. Gotta tell my dev team.