Soft Rejected due to fopen and tgm class.



What should i do in this case?
Need help please!!


I think you should Explain theme. I think it’s in the allow able exceptions on Themeforest Submission Requirenments.

I will also want to hear Official reply from Envato Reviewers if possible.

I have seen lot’s of authors rejected due to same reason.



Did you manage to resolve this?


Yes, moved it to my plugin.


Thanks for the reply. How did that go down with your users, when they had to install a plugin before importing demo content?


We have our own plugin called “ThemeVendors Core” which includes all custom post types framework etc…

For demo content importing - i remember there is radium importer with WordPress API not by fopen etc, its present at GitHub. I can’t remember its name - let me find it for you.


Yea, i got it :


Fantastic, thank you for your help!