The Sales Monitor 2

01.03.2020- 22.03.2020 My Earnings
Only 4 sales!
That’s my record!
I’m so excited!


It is always like that I boasted that sales are good and than 0 sale period kicks in. Anyone gets any sales at all these couple of days?

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9 sales today


0 sales for 3 days… And I didn’t find in last years that I had this situation before.
Page views are above average.

May be my purchase button is broken. :sweat_smile:

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Or new authors are emerging from the trenches threatening to take over your clientele :smiley:

Unpredictability of market. I wish to have a magic crystal ball :roll_eyes:

Just let them try.


I just imagine how our eyes will pop out with joy after new sale :slight_smile: In the hope of tomorrow!

01.03.2020- 25.03.2020 My Earnings
Still only 4 sales for 25 days!


Market sales are really slow for me these days. Thank god I´m in Elements, those good earnings save the month, way above market. If all depends only on market, this month would be sad.

Videohive stopped!

No sales no Money but I am hangry :frowning:

01.03.2020- 28.03.2020 My Earnings
Still only 4 sales for 28 days!

:moneybag: :scissors: :coffin:

New York has fallen…

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I’ve only had a handful of sales all month, but I’ve had 4 in the last 2 days. So some hope. :crossed_fingers:

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I think in the coming weeks we will see the drop sales impact from the US, be prepared :mask:

My Predictions:
I dont think so… I think because all kinds of companies will want to keep their businesses running will have to make ads, promos about sales and special offers. Because of the current situation - the communication will transition to videos and animation - direct contact of service provider with user is temporarily mostly not available. And live filming now will be not possible… sooo many companies and ad agencies will buy more stock videos. And because companies will have less money to spend on custom ads and commercials they will have budget of 500 instead of 8000… thus will get templates or designers who buy templates and edits them.
I think situation will balance out Itself at least a bit.
So in coming few months there will be definetly an increase in video stock purchases from new users because of no possible way to film commercials. Also there will be increased New buyers in template market.


You gave me a ray of hope with your predictions :slight_smile: looks logical. I hope your predictions are right. but I don’t think is going to be easy. it might be good for a couple of months as many companies will run their business remotely, but as economists say “the repercussions of the virus will be hard on the world economically” I hope they were wrong and the virus vanish form the world and everything back to normal.

We definitely will have an interesting summer.
People are getting tired with all this. And I’m not sure that global quarantine will last so long to cover all summer months. People will vanish from their houses, as soon as borders are opened again.

So our sales is normal during the quarantine. But after… it will be fatality. Especially if situation will normalize in summer.

Marketing has drop in Europe on a TV stations ~40%. I know few of them located on Balkans.

3.3 Millions of people in USA are fired. Read here:

Online advertising has also drop on Social media. Read here:

To be honest, i’m not optimistic at all, only some miracle can save us…
Stay safe people, money sometimes can’t buy your life and health…