The Sales Monitor 2

Looks like you want to talk about something important, but you feel that you need some kind of permission. Or you do not want to hear an opposite opinion.

Anyway, it’s time to close offtopic. You are allowed to make as many posts as you want here. It’s only your choice to spend time for that.
Also IMHO there is nothing bad to say always “I” (especially when english is not a native language). I can talk here only about my subjective experience. And I don’t know any other word to start sentence when “I have good sales”.
That may hurt your feelings. But what are you expecting? That 100% authors here would talk only how bad Envato is? Or that author with a lot of free time will wait and don’t post anything, until his presence here feels normal for you?

I just try to make this conversation more constructive and less personal. So would you do a favour for me and make your posts also more constructive and less offtopic?

This post reminds me HUAWEI story.
hey mate Who Are They?!
Yet keep talking it seems your energetic vibration influence sales :slight_smile: You bring us luck even if you negative sometimes :slight_smile: Forgot to mention “I” :smiley:

Read those articles - interesting researches, but, I guess, more related to native speakers.
As on forums it’s much easier to start sentence from “I” for whom english isn’t native language.

But anyway, do you have to say something constructive regards to my presence here? :slight_smile:
Without tiny (or thick) hints or shall we close this “conversation” at current point?

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It’s high time this useless conversation to end, here onwards strictly keep the topic on sales and trends, Please


Guys how’s going?
We don’t want this thread to be closed.


I’m doing a little better with sales this week. But the beginning of February was almost empty.

is there one person in the world who will spell DREAMYARD without misspelling :grinning: I heard so many variations of this Brand xD

Hey dude its enought. Let`s go back to “SALES MONITOR”.
Today 0 sales and i ques we need to wait for the next week.
On EE i just got report about maximum downloaded items ever… Yet income is probably lowest ever too (even sales in january were quite ok on VH).
P.S. Happy Valentine!

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Today’s report have a bug. The number of used items is not correct and much higher than total amount of items.
Several people already confirmed that this bug exist and global.
So do not pay much attention to this high number.

Dear Diary, February continues to go very badly. I am thinking of doing new projects.

But what frightens it is that it is never sold.

Again low sales and bad start of week. February is not so good as it should be.

Pretty good week so far, even better than previous one. Google Analytics shows raise of page views as well. Whether it is February or tests, but it works for me.

1 sale this week again. 3 in total 50% income less (combining TF+VH) than previous month (which also wasn`t perfect)

How many sales did you get in your best/good month?

~18 videos but its hard to say, because im adding files time to time (in 2019 i added around 3x more videos than in 2018) plus now i have TF item, which just makes mess when i trying to figure out where, when and what sale was made.

I was asking about sales to see absolute numbers not related ones. For portfolios with not that many sales such ups and downs are more impactful. But it is hard to see real trends with such numbers.
Here is my 2014 with ups and downs, for example:

While portfolio was growing such jumps became less impactful

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My data wouldnt show you correct info, as since Oct i do have TF item, which almost doubled the sales (and you cant subdivide it from video sales). That’s what i have been asking for EV to implement on new dashboard).

Yeah, seems to be lil bit tricky to count properly

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I miss the sales in 2018. Those good days are gone… It’s frustrating. I only have 7 sales so far this month.

February is good so far, 20 days of Feb made the same as whole January