The Sales Monitor 2

0 sales in 12 days. Portfolio size increased twice in comparison to the last year…


This is by far the worst month start ever for me on Videohive…

There has been no sales for several days.:frowning_face:
It seems that there is something wrong with the sales platform. I observed the sales of several big bestseller authors. I used to refresh webpages every minute, and their sales would increase. But now let’s look at it again. After refreshing the page every ten minutes, their sales volume hasn’t changed.
Usually there are days when sales are good, and then there is no sales for a long time, which happens again and again this year. When will it return to normal?

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Idk, I have good sales for last 7 days. First 3 days of Sep were bad, but now everything is good

It seems September will be worse than August. Bad.

According to the current sales situation, I think so too.

something wrong, I agree

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04 26

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Quite the same amount of sales as previous year, but more earnings:



September 2019 - September 2018


what’s happening?

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Same here!! July and August were not bad but September is still terrible.


Hey, guys! Whats wrong with videohive? Where our sales?


Hey Guys,

I just thought to share my new experience. Recently i started to sell item on THM (ThemeForest). In few days i’ve received over 1k views to my single item (which right after become trending), as well around 4 sales in 5-6days. This is completely different from the sales and views i have seen on VH or EE. So i just changed my point of view on VH. VH is not the primary target for Envato. Most users come here to buy pre-madden creative products like AE, AI, IN or WP templates. Stock footage, photos goes very far behind popularity of those things. As well there was huge discussion about what ever new items should be futured or not. And after this experience i would say huge YES. The sorting method especially for stock footage is really matters. And we need to ask for at least to make homepage, or category page showcase mixture of best selling and new items. As well it could showcase even more if at refresh (F5) or every new entrance you would see new set of items (best and new) every time.

P.S. And coming back to the theme “sales” i just got 3 sales of stock footage so far (starting from last week).

Say hello to Elements :slight_smile:

Out of 169 of your items, 149 are on Elements. For $16.50 a month.

… now you wondering where your sales are?

Check out how many authors from the 1st page of the Top Authors are on Elements.
There’s quite a few there that have 0 items or 2-8 items for sale out of many more.

Think they didn’t get the invite? :wink:

As for Elements. When Envato launched Elements we had no choice. I understand that they (envato) came to this desision having some reasons as for their earnings. So it was only a matter of time. What you propose? To launch some strike about this? Fun. We have what we have now and lets live in this reality. And my question was about VH. Despite of Elements VH have very low sales this month.

There was always a choice.
Envato never forced anybody to join or “Tick the elements” check box on their items.