The project for After Effects was accepted, but rejected for MOGRT.. Why is that?

Hello. Thank you very much for viewing my project.

I’m from Ukraine, we have military operations going on, the lights have started to turn off, it’s getting harder and harder to work. I tried to do the project well, the project was accepted for the After Effects version. Links below:

Best Sale Intro:
[link removed]

Best Sale Intro:
[link removed]

I’m sorry you didn’t like the project. And I find it hard to understand why??

I hope you are doing well during this stressful time.
Have a good day. Sincerely, Aleksandr.

I tink that you don’t can copy other project same but you can make different style and animations than videohive will to approved.

Thank you!

When submitting conversion of already approved after effects project to MOGRT, message the reviewer stating that you have already approved after effects version of this file. It will get approved.

You can message reviewer from item submission tab.


Thanks for the fast feedback. Can I re-upload the project now, only add that the project is already approved?

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Yes, provide the link of already approved after effects template in message section.

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Thank you so much for your help, have a wonderful day