The perfect theme!

I am looking for a WP theme for a client called Greenhavens Network. Who are a collection of volunteers that are coming together to share expertise and skills to protect the quality of the open spaces in their local area.

The site would need to have different pages that can be fed info via the blog so split into categories that appear on their own pages such as conservation, education, wellbeing etc. They then want a forum, an events page and a donations page/section.

There are so many, it is hard to chose the right one! I started off looking at Eco Nature, which I dont think quite hits the mark. But having done some research I am looking between Total or Avada. Do you think these seem good or have any other opinions?

Thanks in advance any help!

I dont think theme will work.
I think you need something custom made.
If you want something custom made let me know.
Full website with front-end and back-end.

Best Regards

My opinion is obviously going to be biased, but I can definitively say that Total does include the features you’re looking for. You can create and customize your blog category pages with the page builder (we also have a dynamic grid builder you could use), add a bbPress forum, use the Events Calendar plugin to build out your schedule, accept donations (just insert a PayPal Donate Button, or use a WooCommerce variable product with different donation amounts), etc. You’re really only limited by your imagination and/or the effort you’re willing to put into creating the site.

Total uses the WPBakery page builder to give you full control over your page layouts, in addition to hundreds of styling/typography settings in the Live Customizer. Plus there are hundreds of snippets/filters for developers to further customize the theme.

That said, no matter which theme you choose I think you’ve already narrowed it down to two awesome themes. Either of which I think would work for your client’s site. Best of luck!

Thanks for your support and nothing bad about being biased. I’ll take your advice on board but good to know that either way I go I have narrowed it down correctly!

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