The issues of css3 animation in IE and safari

I have a css template in which I have used animation. But the animation in IE does not work properly and in Safari does not run at all.
I have used the prefix -webkit- in Safari and I have been looking for answers and solutions on the internet.
Of course, I use Safari on Windows and I do not know if this is a problem or not.
Also, some css features such as flex and grid or height: 100vh do not work in Safari.
Is there anyone who can guide me or give me an address for teaching and learning?
Do the templates that are submit have to support all browsers?
Should I submit the template the same way? Regardless IE and safari?
Regards and Thanks!

As I know, Safari has stop long time ago to provide updates for Windows and of course it will not work - it is out of date and don’t test your code there.

Also for IE - you should test it only on IE11 (I think is still “required” here on Envato) but I saw couple of items which are not working with IE (I mean, in item description does not stay that they are compatible with IE - only with Edge and other browsers).

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Thank you for your attention and response.
Is there a way I can make sure the code works properly in Safari?

Best will be to test it on real Mac / Safari.
If some of your friend have one - he can test it for you.

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