The AJ Community Guide #5: Moving from AdRev to Identifyy (Haawk)

Where are you from? Most countries have tax treaty with US, so:

  1. Tax rate is usually lower AFTER completing this form, just as in Envato
  2. You can reduce tax in your country with the amount of witholding US tax, just like in Envato

How big is your witholding tax here, in Envato? Did you complete w8 form here?

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Unfortunately my country don’t have a treaty with the USA so I must pay to the IRS 30%… And yes, I can reduce tax in my country but not too much because of the tax laws that we have…

So unfortunately you have to pay taxes. All three CID services I know (Identifyy, AdRev, CDBaby) are from US, probably because basic Youtube CID is a Google system. Maybe other services?

Which country are you from? You don’t need to answer.

“In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes”.

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January 2021 report is out in Identifyy.

And AGAIN some videos dont appear in the report.
Casually, videos with more than 3 millions of views…
Dudes, check EVERYTHING from Identifyy, someone is stealing money…
I am tired of this, i am going to search for another company.

How do you find out they are missing videos?

Last week YouTube release the claim in one of my YouTube videos +1 million views (I monetize them through Identifyy) without any reason, so I don’t think is for the Identifyy side…

How do you know it was without any reason? E.g. video creator could upload the license he hadn’t upload before.

I mean I am very curious. I am not defending Identifyy. On the other hand Identifyy gives me earnings positively incomparable to AdRev.

Because is my Yotube video upload it to my own channel. :wink:

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Aaah, right. So how do you know it was youtube, not Identifyy? :slight_smile: Who cleared the claim?

I received an email from YouTube explaining that claim was released

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It still may be the Haawk who released the claim. E.g. maybe you have whitelisted some of your other videos and they whitelisted your whole channel?

No. I ask today to Identifyy team what could be happen in this case, but not answer yet.

Let us know what is the answer when you get it!

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Finally they told me that can’t provide that information (the reason why the claim was released) and the video was re-claimed.

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Another quarter report. In my case earnings are still rising, awesome :slight_smile:

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Saw my first report with Identifyy today and I am shocked! In a good way… Literally by not joining content id I have missed out on many thousands of $ over the years. I had only uploaded my most popular tracks, another mistake, now I"m going to do the rest :grinning: I would encourage everyone to do this who isn’t with a content id company, you are missing out on a lot of money.