Thanks to ENVATO

When im started to study on choral conductor university im not supposed such thing as music creation. But it happens. In 2005 im started writing music. And in 2010 year i have a lot of compositions. And when i start thinking about..... What i should do to all of this stuff...I mean yes! Im writing music.
But all of this just lying in my hard drive. So another year is passed. But in 2011 my father is buy me a book about - “How to be a professional sound developer and build a home sound studio”. In that book was a letter about selling music through the web. Before of december 2010 i dont know what exectly is freelance and...... For me this information looks like fantastic. So.Closer to the point. In this letter ive read a information about freelancers. concretely - modern music composers who sell commercial music through the web.
There was info about CDbaby, audiojungle and other sites. I didnt remeber what exactly. And im decide to make account in AJ.Im already almost five years on this site... Im not going to describe how it was. There was a difficult moments. Im a man too far from technological advantage you know... And before im started work on this site for real profit for me… This was a hard school. And it never ends.
For now - this company is ALL ive got. This is ALL my hopes and future plans... Im writing all of this for…
I`m just want to say thank you, envato community.:cry:
Good luck. And happy birthday.


Wow, @_Blacksmith, its so unusual to hear of such a move done by a father. My father is 100% behind my life decisions, even though I suspect he can’t agree with some wholeheartedly, but I can’t imagine him suggesting me to pursue such an unusual path in life. I guess your father has passion for music as well!

Wish you best of luck!


Yes. My whole life is musicans. Father a bayan player, mother teacher of music theory, grandfather was a composer and another grandfather was a opera singer.
And good luck to you man.

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