Template presents +136 demos, but only ONE demo when I buy the article: am I naive?

Hi everybody,

I bought a theme for prestashop (Ecolife Elementor), but I discover that what I was sold is very different from what was presented on the template page.
So I wonder if this is normal and it always happens like this, or if I got scammed (yet it’s a seller who seemed serious).

On the product page (Ecolife Elementor - Multipurpose Prestashop 1.7, 8.0 Theme by posthemes) it is advertised 136+ pre-made demos / +30 header styles and +10 footer styles easy to exchange.
The demo page (https://ecolife.posthemes.com/) does say “Comes with 134 homepages available with multi style”.
On the documentation, they show how to choose among the many models: Pos Ecolife

However, once I purchase the theme, I end up with a single header, page, and footer template, and nothing else.

The seller replies that “With each product theme we set different header and footer.”
I don’t understand this answer…

Is it normal that a product page announces many models, and that in the end you only have one model?
Is this the case for all the other prestashop templates on sale?

Does this mean that you can only buy one template, even if the product page has dozens of different templates?
In this case, how to buy the model you want?
When I finalized my purchase, I don’t remember being asked to choose which demo I wanted to buy.

I find all this quite bizarre, I tell myself that there are really things that I don’t understand, so I come here to ask your opinion and explain to me what I apparently misunderstood.

And honestly, given how the data is presented on the product page, I’m sure most people think they have access to all the models presented, because everything indicates it. I find it hard to believe this is such a false ad, I imagine Envato wouldn’t let a seller post an offer that turns out to be very different from what you get once you’ve paid.

I have already bought html templates in the past, and each time I have access to all the page templates that the seller announced on the product page, there I really don’t understand what’s going on…

What do you think ?
Your opinions and feedback are of interest to me, to better understand this case.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Contact with your purchase item author @posthemes hope they will help if you didn’t satisfied their support then you can get in touch with envato market help center.


Thanks for this informations.
I’ve contacted the seller support, to try to understand if what I’m explaiing here is normal, or if it’s a mistake (I understand it can happend sometimes, no problem with an error that can be solved after).

What do you think of the experience I’m describing here ?
Do you think it’s “normal” to have a product so different from the description ?

[edit] : It will be great to have the testimony of another user who bought this theme, to know if it was the same thing for him. Reviews are pretty good for this template, so I imagine most customers got the full version as shown on the product page. I can’t believe envato market allows a seller to advertise so falsely. I remain convinced that there was an error, it is not possible otherwise, right?

It’s completely normal to see a beautiful live demo, and then to have a pretty blank website after installing the theme. If you want to quickly set up your website to look like the live demo, then what you’ll need to do is import the “demo content” provided by the author.

From your initial post, it sounds like this theme comes with demo content for 136 pre-made pages and a variety of header/footer configurations. That’s a huge amount of curation and effort on the author’s part, so you’ll certainly want to take advantage of it!

The process for importing demo content will vary by theme so we can’t generally advise here. However, this topic is always covered by the documentation that comes with themes. In this case, the installation section of your theme’s documentation shows you how to browse and import demo pages:


I recommend giving that a quick read and, if you have any issues with or questions about importing the demo content from that point forward, reach out to the author for assistance.

To avoid surprises, please know that it’s also common for demo content to not include stock imagery, for copyright reasons. They should appear as placeholders if this is the case.

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Thank you so much baileyherbert !
I looked at the documentation, but probably not good enough because I missed the paragraph on the “configuration of the demonstration”, sorry for that.

You gave me the answer that seller support should gave me, but instead of answering my questions, they always answer me only one thing : “ask for a refund if you don’t want to use our theme”

I find crazy that a forum user takes his time to give me those information, and the seller did not !
baileyherbert you deserve more than them the money I’ve paid…

Good experience for me on the forum, but very bad experience with this seller…