Taking Pictures in Foggy Conditions

Just curious about this. Took a picture one morning at the lake and it was crazy foggy there and decided to take some pictures. It was one of about five or so pictures submitted for critiques.

Got a progress report today stating that the foggy pic was out of focus. Trying to figure out how or where the out of focus bit comes in. Probably is probably isn’t but just wondering if there is a way to better photograph in foggy settings of this magnitude – thick fog mind you.

Thanks in advance.

Why don’t you simply try to take pictures in normal conditions? Or would like to have exactly foggy ones?

In any case, I can post you an instruction how to make the objects on the background visible and outstanding
Step 1: Duplicate layer
As we don’t want to do any destructive editing, make sure you duplicate your layer (Layer>Duplicate Layer) and rename it.

Quick Selection ToolStep 2: Selection
If your foreground detail is out of the fog and it’s the background you want to clear up you’ll need to do a simple selection so the foreground stays as is. The Quick Selection Tool is the best way to select the foreground. Simple Click and drag over the area you don’t want the changes applied to then go to Select>Inverse so when you follow the next steps, the changes will only be applied to the background.

If it’s foreground detail you want to bring out of the fog, you don’t need to do this first step.

Step 3: Exposure correction
To pull the foreground or background out of the fog you’ll need to adjust the exposure. To do this go to Image>Adjustment>Levels. Look to the right of the histogram and you’ll see there’s a large gap between where the graph ends and the white slider sits. Drag the slider in towards the end of the histogram until the object you can’t see becomes more visible. You can do the same with the black slider but be careful how far you drag it as it can darken the image too much. Once you’re happy click OK.
Step 4: Unsharp mask
Next we are going to give the scene even more detail. To do this go to: Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask. Don’t over-do the Amount, 100% was fine for our image, and keep the Threshold and Radius figures low. Then Click OK.
Step 5: Up the contrast
The shot still looks a little too foggy so we are going to up the contrast by going to: Image>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast. Pull the contrast slider to the right, we moved ours to 80. You may also want to adjust the brightness but this is down to personal taste. Remember you can always move the sliders around and re-set them if you don’t like it. Once happy, click OK.
When you’ve adjusted the contrast your image is complete. Take a look at the finished images
You can find the instructions on Ephotozine . com or just google remove fog

It was a spur of the moment photo because fog of this density doesn’t surface often in that area. Thanks for your assistance; will definitely give this a try.