Photoshop designer to help with filters

Hi. I have a local print store. I’m trying like a month to know how can I design a dog picture to look like I want.
I have the picture and the result that I want to get. But still no success.
This is just a filters playing and I would really appreciate if someone could teach me the technic.
I ready to pay for this help.

Can you show me these pictures?

Here are the original picture and the result I want to get.
The background is not the issue here, just the dog.

I’d say that to make exactly the same dog, you still have to work with the brush a little bit.

  1. The first step is to crop the white background accurately.
  2. The second is Filter>Filter Gallery>Poster Edges with something like 0,1,6.
  3. Make some adjustments via Levels.
  4. Use brush or brush Dodge/Burn to make some parts darker or lighter and to hide details.

Maybe some kind of action (programmed set of actions) has been used here, but the way I described is easier than searching for that action.

Hi, Thank you so much for your help! Really appreciate that.
I already this what you told me but still. There is one thing in this
picture that makes the colors looks like Illustrated
And in this case, I fail. Don’t know how the designer did that but it is
not only regular brushes.
At list that’s what I think.

Anyway, happy thanksgiving!

Thank you :slight_smile: