tagdiv Demo Theme Not as advertised!

I bought tagdiv Newsmag and I want the main menu the same as it is in the demo. They’ve just told me I need ‘developer customization’ to achieve that!

This seems dishonest, I can’t have the theme the same as the demo, unless I pay more.

Is there any way of reporting this?


Sorry for the late response! I didn’t see your message until now.
I’m so surprised by your issue. In all our themes, including Newsmag, the demos are built using the template on default settings, so you don’t need to make any custom modification to reach the design on the demo.

Even more, when you import a demo the theme automatically brings the menu structure of that demo, all you have to do is add your elements in that structure.

Can you please send all the details of this issue on the email at contact@tagdiv.com and refer to this conversation?
I’m looking forward to your message.

I’m sorry you didn’t reach to us directly, to give us the opportunity to provide you with a solution faster!

Thank you!
Alina S


Dear Author,

I have bought your theme Newspaper and we need to implement this facebook feature / product https://developers.facebook.com/docs/javascript/quickstart/#advancedsetup
in order so complete our requirements from Facebook please let us know in which file we can find the body tag so we can insert this JavaScript code.

Hi @petarpoposki,

Welcome to the forums! You should contact @tagDiv directly, please go to purchased item support page:


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The theme body tag is found in header.php under the main root folder of the
theme here: https://www.screencast.com/t/ypNHzXwqt4lS

Thank you!
Bogdan B

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