First time buying a theme on themeforest

So for the first time I bought a new theme on themeforest, NewsMag5 to be precise, I find it difficult to install the theme, after a long trial, i managed to installalled the theme, I find out that they were no options on the customization area, please I need help I am totally frustrated at this point.

I can’t even contact support even after paying for support…

The author @tagDiv are one of the most experienced and respected on envato - their support info is here Support for Newsmag - Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Theme (use the link at the bottom)

there’s also documentation Newsmag documentation - tagDiv and video tutorials


Hi Wothappenonline!

We’re sorry that you are finding it difficult to install the theme and use it. Please send us an email at or open a new topic on and provide the details on what you are trying to achieve. Our support team will be happy to assist you!

Thank you!