Support and reception of new authors from Russia on Envato ?

Good day to all members of the community, please tell me will new authors from Russia be accepted? I read the statement from the Envato team and didn’t understand exactly what it was about in this paragraph: This is a rapidly changing situation, and we continue to closely monitor the legal restrictions and sanctions we are required to abide by. We have already begun to implement a number of these sanctions relating to financial institutions based in Russia, and we are well aware that these restrictions will impact many of our Authors and customers who are based there. Please be assured that our teams across the business are actively listening to our community as we respond to these issues, and will stay in touch with our community throughout the coming months.

It means, at the moment, there’s no restrictions by Envato but for the following weeks they may have changed their mind and bring some limitations to the authors’ who’re selling items at the marketplace from Russia.

Wait and see situation…

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